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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Third year Ed.S. cohort meet and greet

This week in class, I got the opportunity to look a year into my future. How did I accomplish that? Well, the third year Ed.S. cohort came to our class and told us all about their internship experiences thus far. We heard from each student about his or her internship sites. They told us about what they liked and what they wished was a little different. They gave us suggestions for the application process and advice for the yearlong (at least 1200 hours to be exact) internship that we will complete beginning next fall. After all the students introduced themselves, small groups of us talked with each group of students more directly. My cohort asked all sorts of questions ranging from, “How many sites did you apply to?” to “How are we going to survive?”

Here are some common themes that resonated with me…

You’ll be fine!

All supervisors have their own way of organizing their to-do list, interacting with parents and staff, and managing their time. Pick up things that you like and see what doesn’t work for you.

Make yourself available to all staff for the first few weeks to get your name out there. Help out in a kindergarten classroom or anywhere that help might be needed.

Take advantage of any supervision, whether it is from your own supervisor or group supervision.

Do whatever the school will let you do. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things.

This was a great opportunity to form relationships and connections and learn more about what to expect next year. Previous cohorts have even networked and accepted internships from connections formed at this meet and greet. I definitely left feeling relieved after hearing all of the students’ advice for us.

Until next time!

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