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Monday, March 18, 2013

Online resources for school psychology students at PCOM

Happy Monday!  Today I thought I would compile a list of great resources to use as a school psychology student.  My professors have recommended many helpful online resources to my cohort to help with our education as well as for us to reference throughout our careers.  Here are some great websites to check out!

First and foremost, I recommend the NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) website.  Many of us are members and several of us attended the NASP conference in Philadelphia last year.  PCOM pays for our student membership this year, which gives us access to multiple school psychology resources and helps connect us to the professional community in which we will one day be working.  I also recommend following NASP’s Facebook page.  There are daily posts including advice from professionals, current education news, and internship/job postings. 

Joining your local state school psychology association is also a great way to network with professionals in the field, get information on state conferences and workshops, and become involved in state leadership roles.  Many people in my cohort live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and each state has its own school psychology association.

What Works Clearinghouse is an initiative of the Institute of Education Sciences at the Department of Education that provides quality research on numerous educational programs and policies and their effectiveness.

PaTTAN offers a lot of great resources to those in the education field.  PaTTAN provides information about professional training, downloadable instructional materials, and legal information about state and federal laws pertaining to education. 

Intervention Central provides RTI (Response to Intervention) resources for academic and behavioral interventions.  There are many free manuals and resources available for download.

PCOM also provides many resources for us as students.  Listed below are several pages that I have found useful since beginning my education here. 

While our professors do a great job of preparing us for upcoming proficiency assessments, this page has basic information about the program sequence and course descriptions for those who like to see what's coming up next semester or year (like me!).

When researching for a project or paper, the Psychology Guide on the library website is easy to use and provides a variety of great articles.  The Psychology liaison librarians are always quick to respond to emails and very helpful if I need to retrieve an article that is not available online.

I have visited PCOM’s financial aid website many times.  The website contains information about how to apply for financial aid, financial planning tips, and many other resources regarding the funding of your education and budgeting.  The financial aid office is also very helpful when trying to figure out the student loan situation.

I worked at the Office of Student Affairs for a few semesters and the people here rock!  Professional, academic, and personal support is provided.  You can find out more about clubs and organizations offered at PCOM as well as how to get involved in a Federal Work Study job.  Also, if you are ever in need of a sugar boost, the candy bowl is usually full…  

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