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Sunday, May 11, 2014

STEPPS and Practicum Wrap-Up

This past Thursday, I experienced my second STEPPS encounter. STEPPS consists of two simulated, standardized parent feedback sessions. I had two days to review two reports. After presenting an agenda for the meeting and establishing parent concerns, I explained the tests that were given, the results, and what they meant using the referral question as the framework for feedback. The parent actors were great and gave great feedback. The best part is that I felt MUCH more comfortable and confident in explaining the reports than I did last year, which was my first STEPPS experience. Another cohort member and I attempted to allay the fears of two Year 1 Ed.S. students before beginning. I wish everyone the best of luck!

As mid-May is approaching, I am wrapping up my practicum requirements and getting everything I can out of the last few weeks. I have three Fridays left at my practicum site and upon reflecting, I really have had access to diverse experiences. I have conducted evaluations from early intervention to high school, consulted with many teachers and faculty members at various levels, experienced some counseling-based services, continued to polish the “perfect report”, and most importantly, gained confidence in my abilities throughout the process. And that is really the entire point of practicum... Having the experience to apply what we have learned in coursework and practice and sharpen our professional skills. 

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