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Friday, March 14, 2014

Summer is here!

Well, almost. This is our last trimester until we’re off for the summer with no classes until the fall. We are currently taking the last of three seminar classes for practicum. This time, the focus is on family-school relationships. Next week, some of us will present a report during a mock parent feedback session with one of our peers playing the part of the parent. Through STEPPs (which I’ll be writing about soon as we get ready to go through our second round) and presentations in practicum, we will have some good practice presenting reports before internship. It’s hard to strike the right balance between a detailed and jargon-free presentation, so that is why practice is so important! We are also taking Effective Prevention and Crisis Intervention. I am looking forward to this class because I honestly have minimal knowledge on how to effectively deal with crises. I want to get as much out of this class as I can before I encounter any sort of crisis during internship year. 

Things are moving along at my practicum site. Today I spent my time at middle school. First, I evaluated a 12-year-old student in 7th grade who was very excited to be tested for the gifted program. He worked quickly and confidently and we connected over our shared love of aquariums. After I scored the cognitive assessment, I consulted with the 6th grade guidance counselor about one of my practicum requirements. She gave me the schedule and background information about a student currently struggling with academics. My next step is to consult with a few teachers and possibly observe the student in class to identify potential factors that are affecting his difficulties in class. I then observed a student in 7th grade to get some more baseline data for my behavior consultation case. By the time I knew it, the school day was over! 

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