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Friday, October 11, 2013

Testing on a rainy day

So I completed my first real assessments today!  Practicing the WISC on my boyfriend’s cousins for a grade is one thing.  But testing a girl knowing that my assessment skills might help to determine whether she qualifies for the gifted program or not is another thing.  My supervisor observed, but I primarily assessed by myself.  I have another evaluation scheduled this upcoming Monday, so I’m looking forward to getting more practice.

After administering the WISC-IV (cognitive assessment), selected subtests from the WIAT-III (academic achievement), and a strengths self-report protocol at the middle school, I scored everything and discussed the results with my supervisor.  Then I headed over to the high school to speak with a teacher and guidance counselor about the academic consultation case that I’m still working on.  The guidance counselor and I also discussed a potential behavior consultation case referral and possibility of attending meetings to complete my practicum requirements. 

It has been very helpful to discuss our practicum experiences in practicum class and our consultation and collaboration class.  Last week in consultation and collaboration, we all briefly described our consultation cases and gave each other advice.  We’re also completing a Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine in Schools course.  This course supplements our knowledge of school goings-on, assessment, interventions, etc. with information regarding pediatric chronic illnesses, child re-entry into school following a chronic illness or transplant, factors that influence adherence to treatment of chronic illness, and understanding the roles and functions of school psychologists as active collaborators in the healthcare of children, adolescents, and families.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m off to write my first official evaluation report (signed by yours truly, Samantha Cardellicchio, M.S. School Psychology practicum student).

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