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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Block Captain

Its official! I am the new block captain of my street. I have a strong sense of gratitude and pride, from being elected by my peers. I have assured the residents I will do my best in obtaining all the necessities to ensure a clean and safe block. I have written up a document in both English and Spanish, discussing important dates and responsibilities we share as a community. I have encouraged everyone on my street to share their ideas and concerns, as I am an advocate and voice for our street.
I look forward to the new leadership role I have taken, and I have already begun to make several promises come become a reality. I have acquired more information on obtaining summer meals for the children in our community, and will be receiving training this upcoming May! The summer meal program, sponsored by Nutritional Services of Philadelphia, grants community leaders the resources to provide meals to children during the summer.
In addition, I have also requested for trashcans for our street, through the “adopt a basket” program sponsored by the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee. Our first official block cleanup begins this Saturday, March 31st, and we have already received all tools necessary to start our transformation. We have taken the first step in making our community a safer and cleaner environment, for everyone. 


  1. That's great, Aleida- so happy for you! What an amazing commitment! Sounds like you have some great ideas, I'm sure your neighbors will be proud that they chose you! Best of luck. :)

  2. Aleida! This is so great! Let me know if you are planning any clean ups or community events and I'll be sure to send out the Red Bull team to give everyone their Wiiings and keep everyone's energy up! I love what your doing for your community - it's a priceless contribution that they will never forget! You better go on and be a good role model! LOVE IT! LOVE YOU!